Spicy Mulled Wine

My friends and I paid a visit to Tuthilltown Spirits Distillery this Fall after our annual weekend getaway to Hudson, NY. Home to Hudson Whiskey, including Baby Bourbon and Maple Cask Rye, the distillery showed us their newly created Cacao Liqueur and limited-run Triple Sec they made since our last visit just one short year ago.  After tasting five of their in-house spirits they sent us on our way with a small cup of mulled wine — a dark blend of wine, spices and the aforementioned Triple Sec. We walked out having purchased multiple bottles per person, but couldn’t get the thought of mulled wine out of our heads the entire drive back to the city. We knew we had to make a batch as soon as we got home.

We got to work as soon as we walked through the front door. We poured one bottle of red wine in a stew pot and heated it on low to slowly start warming the wine. We added some of our new bottle of Tuthilltown’s Triple Sec, apple cider, whole cinnamon sticks, Mike’s Hot Honey and a collection of spices including allspice, mustard seed, coriander, bay leaves, ginger, chilies, cloves, black pepper, mace and cardamom which you can wrap in a cheesecloth and drop in or add as is (but will require straining out before drinking). We let everything simmer in the pot for nearly an hour. The result was a deep, spicy and sweet drink that instantly warmed us up. What makes it so special is the use of savory spices that you wouldn’t expect to put in a wine, such as mustard seed and bay leaves. The savory spices really add a coziness to the flavor that one would really want out of a hot drink.

For added fun, keep the leftovers in an airtight jar in the fridge. You’ll end up with spicy, boozy juice that can be sipped on later.

We discovered a big love for mulled wine at home and have since made several batches over the last few months — it’s so easy to prepare, hits the spot when you need it, and an instant crowd pleaser.




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