Grub Street Teaches Us How to Drink at Weddings


Life has been buzzing this week as several friends and I gear up for what is surely one of the most highly anticipated weddings of the summer and, lucky for us, it’s practically kicking the season off! As we start to tie up some loose ends (printing directions for the 3-hour car ride), figuring out logistics (re-evaluating which dress to wear now that we know it will be 99 degrees outside) and the normal travel preparations (how much longer can I procrastinate until it really is time to pack and, also, one of us has to Google the nearest liquor store to the hotel), I am relieved that today’s edition of Sloshed, via Grub Street NY, has cleverly outlined the behaviors that I am about to witness and take part of this weekend as I see my dear friends get married.

For this weekend’s purposes, I will share a quick piece of advice from the post to the wonderful group of “Close Friends of the Couple” that will be there along with me…

As long as you don’t get in the way of the wedding, there’s no reason the nuptials should obstruct your goals of having a good time with your other friends, or meeting that hot cousin who keeps looking your way.


See you out there! Tickles! #cuse

[Read the full article here: Sloshed: How to Drink at Weddings]


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