A Summer Drink Experiment


Now that the summer season has officially begun, everyone seems to be going bananas to refresh themselves with the perfect summer drink.  But outside of the obvious tastes of mojitos, margaritas and daiquiris, summer is the ideal season of experimenting with fresh fruits and garnishes as ingredients.  Summer is a really wonderful time to whip up impromptu cocktails… and who doesn’t love freshly made sangrias and punches on a whim?

This morning I was excited to see this post on Grub Street NY.  It’s a great read that details how simple home drink-making can be.  Here, all it takes is a little sugar syrup and citrus peel.


Read: Sloshed: How to Make the Perfect Summer Drink Out of Anything


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  1. Hi Proper Drink, This memorial day weekend I was in Cape Cod. My friends and I bought a big watermelon to make margarita poptails with way too much tequila in them. Since we had so much watermelon left over and nothing to do while the poptails were in the freezer, we crushed some watermelon and ice then we added some chilled gin and a little bit of lime juice and it was delicious! What a wonderful way to enjoy; a. summer b. leftover watermelon and c. copious amounts of tanqueray. I couldn’t recommend it more!With Love, Margaret Thatcher

  2. Jessica A says:

    @Margaret Thatcher- thanks so much for the response! Sounds like a fun and resourceful way to spend the Memorial Day weekend. I’m sure you had a very great time! Thanks for the recommendation, I’m sure many will find it useful!-Jessica

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