Advice for Future Food Writers – an article from Amanda Hesser, Food52


There’s something to be said about the above article written by Amanda Hesser. Several years ago I attended a social media panel that addressed the advantages of blogging and social media that have become a tool for the world to express their interests and thoughts. This is the beauty of the web today as it has provided an outlet for young visionaries to share and write things for everyone to see.

Lately I have been fortunate to receive several compliments and positive feedback for the mission on this blog (and a big thank you to them all!). Everything that is said in the above article is true without any insult and what the blogging world should take away from it is not to hang your heads low, but to be proud of the craft in which you explore… and to continue to explore it. While every blogger would love hundreds and thousands of hits a day (and maybe make a buck or two), it’s not always possible. As a blogger, the purpose was never to be popular, but to put what I really enjoyed out there and hopefully find an audience that enjoys the same thing.

So, in the meantime, cheers to those who have found great success in the food writing world and here at The Proper Drink, we’ll continue to sip well and often.


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