How to Order a Proper Drink… []


A post from Grub Street came out in January and, for obvious reasons, caught my eye.  With the resurgence of traditional cocktail glamour and the innovations that come along with today’s creative drink artists, the pressures of ordering can be more of a struggle than one normally thinks.  The good news is that the modern drinking world is drenched in knowledge and the even better news is that their target audience is easy to please.  The coo of fancy ingredients on a drink menu (“what is Bénédictine?”) is not the default cue for a better drink but instead it’s the desired swirl of tastes you want to coat your palate (and maybe bring on that nice, fuzzy feeling).  In short, when it comes to ordering, don’t scramble to order what sounds fancy… just ask! Your bartender is there to help serve you the perfect drink to set your mood.  And who knows, maybe you’ll learn something about yourself, too.


Read the full article here at Sloshed: How to Order a Proper Drink in Any Bar, Anywhere…


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