A GQ Guide to New Wave of Cocktails


The other morning on my commute to work, a well-dressed man was reading a magazine next to me when the above picture caught my eye.  I squinted to see what magazine it was and realized it was GQ.  I quickly went to work to find what on earth was that picture all about. 

The article takes you on a sophisticated tour of several of the country’s most innovative and creative bars that take cocktails and aging processes to the next level.  Drink mentions range from the theatrical (In the Rocks at The Aviary) to the newly updated (Cyrus’s signature Gin & Tonic) and also includes an appendix of drink list terminology.  My ending thoughts were simply put as quoted in the mention for Bar Centro at The Bazaar in LA: “… no gratuitous use of molecular gastronomy, just a genuine improvement in drinking.”

Read the full article here at GQ.com: The Chef is Pouring: A GQ Guide to Cocktails


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